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6-25-2012 ~took Baron his offering. Took two spoonfuls of dirt from his Chateau to be a base for his dirt. Realized why he invited the colony of bees to live in the Chateau (home security system!)

~moving pots to refresh dirt and replant and found a fist-sized toad in his burrow. He ran off for some rotten wood before I could snap a picture.

6-26-2012 ~Today I have coveted a toad’s burrow. I have an overwhelming desire to burrow naked down into soft dirt and mud. Buuuuurrrrrrrooooooowww.

6-27-2012 ~I dreamed, but it was a dream of a book. As I read, it came to life. Strange.

~Ah, what a fine line to tread. And a reminder that he really doesn’t need any of the pretties.

6-28-2012 ~Coincidences line up. The feelers are out there, I just need to learn how to use them deliberately.

6-29-2012 ~Strong, strong desire to buy a high-quality flat-top solid wood coffin and use it as an altar. Or a coffee table. Or a spare bed. (Haven’t decided yet.)

7-1-2012 ~Claira Jean. This is important. Please remember.

7-4-2012 ~Huh. Reading Scarlet Imprint’s Pomba Gira book and …. thinking.

7-5-2012 ~It occurs to me that the mysterious chicken killer may be a teething chupacabra.

~Four Thieves Vinegar made with garlic (Elephant and a mysterious softneck strain, grown in sacred ground [composted offerings and a small amount of my grandmother’s ashes] and pulled yesterday), rosemary (fresh from my grandmother’s rather large tree), bay (dried from a family friend’s tree), and red peppers (dried and hot, but not the tiny Peppers of Mass Destruction that Baron got in his rum). Cleaned the garlic and put it in a jar, whole, with apple cider vinegar (Heinz brand, but half of it was well-aged and sweet smelling). Currently sitting in my fridge gettin’ all yummy and stuff. [This batch is less get rid of enemies and more get rid of infections because, frankly, I think we’re gonna need it since 3 out of 4 people on this property have a compromised immune system at the moment. Here’s hoping it tastes good.]

~Incredible craving for sushi ended up netting Baron some Baron-brand chocolate, a small pretty wooden box, a large footed (insanely cheap) platter with a design that reminds me of a tree, and two red taper candles molded to look like roses. Yep, I definitely know what happened.


7-6-2012 ~Rosa Caviera. [Stepping in the dance, we move ever onward to the tune that sings unseen and the Labyrinth that opens at our feet. I may walk blindfolded but I walk with confidence.]

~Made Baron’s dirt. Started with his half-burned tobacco ground to powder. Next, the leftovers from the long-ago pepper rum, also ground. Then the dirt from the Chateau, powdered. Then the ashes from filter papers and the scratcher [soaked in cologne and the pepper rum] ground as fine as possible. Heavy pinch of pipe tobacco, not ground. Dried roses, crumbled. All mixed together. Then the wet ingredients- pepper rum, the spiced rum, some skull-head tequila, cologne, and BPAL Port-Au-Prince, shaken together then poured over, moistening the rest. Sitting on altar to ripen (it smells so different than it’s parts, but in a wonderful wonderful way).

~Painted the lid of the dirt jar. Waiting for everything to dry before I seal it up.