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7-7-2012 ~Well, that explains the nettle fascination. And possibly the yellow jackets. Also the sudden realization of what the bindweed was, the morning glory vines, and the sudden spike of interest in the Man Underground root. Don’t forget the sudden desire to put mini roses in the eyesockets. [How, I ask you, does a Celtic sea god, a Haitian/New Orleans baron of the dead, a lovely lady from Brazil, a semi-fictional personage, and assorted dead folks {not to mention the animating presence of the Lady of the Stars, though She seems to have been more of a drive-thru, maybekindasorta} blend together? Pretty damn well, it seems.][Y’know, that explains a lot about why me and Maman never quite clicked….]

7-9-2012 ~If the bad luck today kept my uncle from deadly burns, I’ll take it.

7-15-2012 ~A chance. That’s all I want, is a chance. Just a decent chance.

7-16-2012 ~Oh, pretties ❤ I need more room or better storage to show you off properly (Which reminds me- altar and divination, need to get on that pronto.)

7-18-2012 ~Mind blown and heart creaking like a ship in a storm.

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