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(crossposted from my Tumblr, but what the hell I need blog-fodder 😉 )

Needed a place to stash this while I think on it. (NOTE- My, did this get all Matrix-y when I wasn’t looking O.o)

~~~~Please note that this is all mental masturbation and figuring out of shit. This does not constitute a complete breakdown of my nor any other path or worldview. I’m just trying it on, so to speak.~~~~

So, there’s the universe. Whether it is the omnipotent and omnipresent “force” or there is another(s?) that “runs” it is immaterial, moot, and possibly unknowable. It/They run the universe. That’s it. It/They know everything that was and is and could be because It/They are running the joint. All the millions upon trillions upon ~infinite unknowable number~illions of causal relationships that we can’t see is the “executing code” of It/They running the joint.

(Which also begs the question of whether or not this ominpresent and omniscient force is sentient in any way shape or form that we recognize. Does It/They care? Does It/They know us? Or are we just bits of code in a datastream? I tend to favor [and find comforting, really] the “It/They don’t care, don’t give a shit, are too busy being/running the joint to cause me to have cancer/win the lottery”. But that’s just me.)

SO. We have the great It/They (The OMNIIT, for short/shits’n’giggles), that is busy creating and maintaining and probably organizing the destruction of the universe. OMNIIT has its metaphorical hands full and/or doesn’t really give a tin shit about what’s IN said universe so long as gravity still works, the Otherworld does not mesh irreparably with this one, and life and death are carried out according to standard operating procedure. So either OMNIIT creates some chaos in the system, or that chaos is a natural byproduct of the universe grindin’ on. This chaos manifests as Gods, gods, spirits, and assorted Other Ilks.

Now, said Ilks would probably sort themselves according to relative strength or influence (why the hell does Hephaestus care if he ranks first or last in a bevy of Spirits’n’Gods of freshwater springs? Not his shit, not interested.) (Might even be part of the reason why there are so many pantheons- this bunch of Ilks decided they liked eachother and set up camp together.) Of course, since I am not privy to the machinations of deities and OMNIIT, nor can my poor widdle meatbrain comprehend most of the crap involved, I cannot comment on who or what came out on “top”. Nor do I care to ponder why things are ordered the way they are. All I know is that there is some sort of operating system beyond my poor head’s capacity to understand. (And really, I ain’t too sure of that, either. I’m hoping REALLY EFFING HARD here.)

[This brings up tantalizing questions- Are the God of Earth more or less powerful in the relative scale of Ilks? Are there “bigger” deities out there that we have no contact with since we are constantly saturated in the Gods of Earth? {UPG Time- I think the Lady of the Stars I came in contact with a year or so ago was… not really an outsider (since we’re all in the same universe here), but definitely “bigger” in scope. And, I think that one of the reasons why She didn’t “stay” is because I am a homebody. She did inspire me to widen my view, but I like being on Earth. Barring total ecosystem change to the point that this planet no longer accepts human life, I would much rather I stay here. That explains some of what I was feeling- that She wasn’t “just” Brighid in a bigger form. And why Manannan felt…. not shallower, or poorer…. but not as BIIIIIIG, I guess.} If we leave this planet, will we court the land spirits of Mars? Will you still hedgewalk to the same places on Venus or is the Otherworld there not the same as the Otherworld here? Will Artemis hear your call on Titan, or will Someone Else answer you there? [Which doesn’t really take into consideration gods and spirits that go with peoples instead of regions, I know, but it’s still very interesting to ponder.] How do you court a spirit that has never “seen” a human before?{pleasedon’tbeshoggothspleasedon’tbeshoggothspleasedon’tbeshoggoths…..}]

The Ilks are “bigger” than humans, more able to see and manipulate the “causal code”. What they get out of relationships with us beyond booze and company I’m not yet sure. Whether they created us or whether we were a semi-inevitable kink in the code I do not know. What this train of thought means (are we predestined code running to it’s conclusion, or dynamically shifting cogs that change and enrich the code? Does it really fucking matter?) I REALLY don’t know. We get the benefit of their clearer “vision” and fuckery with the “code” on our behalf, but since I am not a god I have not a friggin’ clue what (or even if) they’d get something in return. That’s the problem with writing stuff such as this- you’re trying to force a meatbrain to understand Ilk-level stuff. Not everything translates well (or at all, honestly). So, I beg pardon if my rambling sounds a hell of a lot weirder than normal.