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As I was puttering through unread posts in a forum I lurk in, I stumbled upon some interesting ideas that coalesced in a strange way. So, bear with me on this while I try to make some sense out of my brain goo.

It all started with a thread on past lives, where everybody aired their perspectives. What caught my attention was the “recycle” theory- that what we think of as souls are just a particular cupful of soul goop that got shoved into a body. (This gives a plausible reason why so many people think they’re Cleopatra or someone else famous- they got part of Cleo’s old ectoplasm.) I’ve heard of it before, but it jelled with another thread in my head, about humans on a path to divinity.

So, here’s my theory- over time, a strong personality can hold on to their soulbits upon death, thereby retaining a greater percentage of “their” memories. Over time, this aggregates into a personality that is unchanged by physical death- a Spirit. An Ilk. Maybe a divine one, even.

Not too radical, right? But here comes the part that got my head spinnin’: if one assumes that Time in not only non-linear, but non-circular (meaning that you are not limited to one level, one cycle, at a time but all of them at once), not only could you possibly meet your reincarnation while still alive, you could worship “yourself” while still a human.

Take it a step further- a god “dies” and it’s godstuff enriches the universe. We are made of that godstuff (we are divine), but at the same time the god is still “alive” as a god, as a person, and as the Universe. We are alive and dead and dying and birthing in a dance too complex to see as-we-are, too simple to explain as-we-will-be.

Bring in soul retrieval and you have a whole new layer- finding the bits best suited to making your personality whole, even if it changes who you seem to be. Want to know the future? Climb the ladder of ancestry and ask yourself. (We use that anyway, bloodwalking down to see the past. Why don’t people just climb to see what’s up ahead?) Ascension into godhead? Some part of you has already done it, even if it wasn’t you-that-is.

This has been your Dafuq Did I Just Read? for the day. Please continue your regular “Net surfing.

(This isn’t even the result of drugs or sleep deprivation- this is on pure water and an early bedtime.)