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Or, how to protect yourself from crap while maintaining a low profile, because sometimes you don’t want them to know you know what they’re doing.

Let’s face it- sometimes you need some protection but you can’t go around billowing sage everywhere, covered in occult jewelry and intoning Kabbalistic rituals in a business meeting. This is just a rough idea of how to make a covert personal, portable ward. Feel free to tweak this method to suit your needs.

(Been using this recently with a pair of I’m-almost-certain-it’s-not-on-purpose energy vacuums in the class I work at. Since I’m not feeling the drain any more that goes away about an hour after they leave, I’m calling it good. I created it primarily to keep energy suckers at bay, but the theory is the same for most protective applications.)

A Method To Create Personal Wards Centered In Camouflage Items

  • Find an item suitable for being a stealth ward. This could be anything- a scrunchie, a hair clip, a necklace, any sort of jewelry, special underwear, whatever you prefer. Don’t have it be a favorite thing you wear all the time, but a thing that you like enough to wear whenever it is needed. (The axe necklace I use used to be one of several I wore in rotation/whenever the mood strikes. It isn’t THE favorite, but definitely favored.) This keeps woo-drainage to a minimum and keeps the purpose sharply focused. (Think of it this way- your ward is a flashlight, yeah? You could use it all the time, even when you didn’t need it, or you could use it when you needed it only and get a lot longer on a single “charge”.)
  • Spend some time thinking about the shape of your ward and how it functions. Will your scrunchie blow up into a quivering blob of jelly that absorbs or bounces back any attack or intrusion? Will your butterfly hair clip sprout into a thousand thousand butterflies that swirl around you, taking the hits meant for you and sprouting new ones from the absorbed energy as fast as they are crisped? Will your black satin panties extend into a Catsuit of Sneakery that makes you invisible in plain sight? Will your dagger eardrop turn into a floating sword that chops off any suckers that come near? Will your crystal point send out rays of destructive force to crisp feelers? Think creatively; the more the ward ties in with the physical shape and makes sense in your head, the more power it will have for you.
  • Decide if you want help. I blessed my necklace with some of Baron’s Pepper Rum and asked that he help keep stuff off (which serves a double purpose, in that the rum is hot enough to tell Ilk to fuck off in and of itself, but more on that later.) I also keep it on an altar in a sort of charging/sacred dish when not in use. You could ask your dead folk, a beloved deity- choice is yours. Just remember to stick with who and what you trust implicitly. If you try to use a ward blessed and/or consecrated to a spirit to block said spirit I doubt if it will work as desired.
  • Decide how it will be powered. Are you using your own personal energy? Recharging with sun or moon light? Feeding the ward various powders or potions? Use what you prefer. (I recommend sunlight, if its an offensive ward [to blast and burn, i.e. the floating sword and LAZER CRYSTAL] or moonlight, if it is defensive [to hide or protect, i.e. the Catsuit Panties and scrunchieblob] if you have little or no experience in powering things yet.)
  • Decide if you’re dressing the ward with some sort of concoction. Hoodoo condition oils come to mind, like Fiery Wall of Protection to blast, or Florida Water to make you too clean to chew on. The previously mentioned pepper rum -even if it hadn’t been blessed and made for Baron- would fall under this category because it is ridiculously hot. Cinnamon oil or dragon’s blood oil, etc. would also count.

Gather whatever supplies you need. If you’re using moon phases to add to the oomph, factor that in. I recommend cleansing the ward first (sitting it a bowl of salt works, if you don’t have a preferred method) if you bought it new so you have a clean slate. If you don’t feel it necessary, or if you’ve had the item long enough to make it feel like its yours, then don’t- sometimes leaving the previous energies can be a good thing.

Now, tell the ward what it is supposed to do. Picture it strongly in your mind, what it should look like when activated and the effect it should have. SEE (or talk it out, for those who don’t mentally picture so good) those butterflies manifest, the sword fly about, the panties stretch like Venom on Spiderman. Belief is important here.

{I like to add a couple caveats in my “programming”- 1) that when I am being drained unwillingly and/or unknowingly, that my ward severs the contact in the previously-described way automatically, 2) that I can pull up the ward on manual whenever I desire, either by trigger [a word, a gesture] or by mental command, and 3) that I can take down the ward when it is active, again by either trigger or mental command. It’s your ward, do as you please.}

Once you’ve got the programming and the action of the ward fixed, state clearly how it will be powered. SEE the energy (I am fond of colored-fog-energy myself) entering the ward in the proscribed manner (i.e., sitting in sunshine and absorbing gold colored rays, sucking up energy out of potions, etc.). I also like to add a caveat here: if it is primarily run on “outside” energy (sunshine, moonshine, etc.), I can add personal energy at my conscious discretion whenever I so choose. (Acts kinda like a back-up battery.)

Now is the time to ask for blessings and apply concoctions, if you’re doing that part. Once it has all been asked, applied, and visualized, you might think that the ward was ready for use, and you would be wrong.It needs sealing, to you specifically, so no one and nothing else can muck about with it. You can use holy water, or blood, or an incantation, or a prolonged breath. Use something that is yours only.

Right now it is only running on the energy of creation, so before you take it out for a test drive in Energy Sucker Central, let it gather at least a few hours charge with your charging method. Otherwise you run the risk of burnout, or of having it try to work with nothing left to make it go. Once it has some woo-woo juice, you’re good to go. Every item is different, and will hold different charges for different amounts of time. Heavy use will require more frequent charging.

Its also a good idea to occasionally (say, once a month) reaffirm the programming- visualize the ward going up, coming down, and taking in energy in the proper manner. You can also fine-tune the ward at this time; say, your butterflies just aren’t cutting it and are burning up too fast. You could change it so once they take on damage they dive-bomb the source of the intrusion and blow up, burning it at the source. Maybe you prefer that they turn into mirror butterflies that cut the intrusion, blind the source, and hide you in plain sight. You can also change the charge method, if need be. The ward is malleable to you so make it what you need it to be.

And, if you use this method, tell me how it goes, ok? 😀