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*takes a dustmop to the blog* I swear, Tumblr is a black hole in disguise….

Anyway, I figured that this topic is a good one for this blog, so here I am. The topic at hand? Ingredients for magic, some ideas on how to make them, and some ideas on what to use. (Thus the vague Macbeth allusion for the title. Hardly original, I know.)

The first thing to decide is the purpose of your mix, no matter what form of delivery (room spray, tea, dusting powder, oil, spell bottle ingredient, etc.) it takes. Spend some time on this (demands and time permitting). This’ll help you decide what to use. For example, say you wanted a defensive mix. You want anyone who touches it to get “poked”, and you want that poke to cling to them to remind them not to fuck with you again. So you’d look for things that stick and cling- cockleburrs, burr clover, thornapple pods (which you would be VERY CAREFUL with, considering how dangerous they can be), sweetgum balls, chestnut spines, in addition to other things that stab, like nettles, thistles, and thorns of various stripes.

Next comes delivery method. What best suits the purpose? Want a happy home? A room spray would be a good way to do it. Want to deliver a curse fairly incognito? A powder, or perhaps a mudball lobbed onto their property. If your desired ingredients are poisonous (or you aren’t absolutely, utterly, and completely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are safe for human consumption) it wouldn’t be a good idea to make the delivery method a tea, for example. Some things are so dangerous you wouldn’t want them to come in contact with your skin, period, which would rule out topical oils and tinctures, room sprays and even dusting powders. In such cases, if there is absolutely no alternative or substitution that could be made, I’d probably go with putting it in a spell bottle for safety’s sake.

Next, start making it. If you want a powder, make sure your ingredients are dry and start grinding. (If you can afford it, a Magic Bullet or similar grinder used solely for non-edible stuff can be a great timesaver.) Making a room spray? Decide on what fluid you will use. Mudball? Get your ingredients and some mud. Spell bottle? You’re gonna need a bottle that can be closed.

Extractions can be made with various fluids. I’m currently on an extract kick, though I have been known to mix up powders and such. My current (much preferred) method of extraction is with vodka. You could use any alcohol, water, oil, vinegar- whatever pleases you (technically 4 Thieves Vinegar and teas are extractions, if you wanna get particular.) I currently have two very different batches percolating- a variation on the aforementioned defense formula and the beginnings of a sunshine blend. With vodka you can use fresh or dry ingredients; keep a good eye out for mold, though. I generally stick everything in the jar with a lid and shake several times a day until it looks about right. The bonus of using this method is that the leftover plant materials can be used to make an incense or a powder blend- thrifty spellwork is happy spellwork.

(Notice I haven’t used “textbook” definitions for plant correspondences- that’s because I tend to believe that each person comes at a plant a little differently. Use the correspondences that make sense and continue on from there.)

Now, as for non-botanical additions….. use your imagination. Add some rusty nails to a protection blend to get that “Fuck with me and I’ll cut you with my rusty tetanus blade!” vibe (thus the purpose of War Water). Grind up some red bricks to get red brick dust (a common hoodoo item) and use it to make some metaphysical walls. Add soap shavings to a cleansing blend. Run a magnet over sand and scrape off the bits that cling to add some attraction to things. Write your intent on a piece of paper, burn it, and add the ashes to an appropriately-themed oil. Put a money working in a balloon to help make it stretch.

Think beyond the 101 books. Engage with spells and potions. Use logic that makes sense to you, because that will make things stronger for you. And have fun.