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Disclaimer- I know no more than the next person about this. I have no direct line to the inner workings of the Universe. This is my brain fomenting, so take it as such.

This particular triumvirate has been on my mind for a while. For a long time I was focused on the bone and blood. It wasn’t until the flesh part kicked me in the head that I really understood.

So, what the hell am I talking about?  I’m talking about a conceptualization of a particular person’s ancestors- that they fall into the three “categories” so described.

The Ancestors of Bone are the ancestors that come through the family line, the literal antecedents and relatives related by birth and upbringing (an adopted child could very well go with the Bones of the adopted family, for example). They are not necessarily active nor interested in a descendent, just as the descendent may not be interested in them. Still, without them you wouldn’t be walking around so they form the bones of the operation.

The Ancestors of Blood are those that you honor but that are not necessarily related. Family friends that are dear to you would be one example. A member of a coven may appeal to previous members, or an aspiring writer seek to honor long dead writers. The idea here is the sharing of like blood; a resonance that links the two together. There is also the notion that blood can be changed and shared in ways that bone can’t be. (It is also quite possible that the ancestor in question may not involve themselves with the one seeking them.)

The Ancestors of Flesh are those of Blood and Bone that actually interact with a person. You can have a whole bunch of dead folks in your family tree (thus being the Bones) and have a mere handful that actually interact with you. They would be both Ancestors of Bone and of Flesh. You can honor many writers, but say only Yeats really reciprocated. He would be both Blood and Flesh, as well. The flesh part is a reference to the person in question, the one doing the honoring and venerating.

In fact, the whole system is in relation to the person with the ancestors. Bone at the core, Blood to animate, Flesh to make us who we are.

(That’s my brain-foo for the day. Enjoy~)