For Sale, Trade, or Barter

Occasionally I go through the STUFF I have accumulated and have the urge to pass it on. Sometimes while thrifting I will see amazingprettything, buy it, and them wonder what in the hell I will ever use it for. Other times I will get the urge to sell old things I have made to make room for new things I have made. So, here you will find a list of STUFF I would like to go to a good home. Each item will have a picture, description of what it is, where I got it, and what condition flaws it may have. The price, unless otherwise marked, is negotiable and (again, unless otherwise marked) may be replaced by a trade or a barter for another item. Item listings and any comments pertaining to old listings will be removed as items go to new homes. Feel free to snag more than one item at a time. Anybody outside of the US is welcome to ask about something, but be warned that the shipping prices tend to be…. nasty. Once we agree on whatever the price ends up being, please email me the address you’d like it shipped to.

Legal bits- All items are as-is. I make no guarantee about hidden flaws, though I try to be honest about flaws I know about. All glass items will be insured for the amount paid in case of breakage, no exceptions (which is part of the reason I don’t buy much glassware, because of breakage). Said insurance will be paid for by the person buying, regardless if the item was a trade. Shipping will be paid by the buyer unless an alternative is agreed upon (i.e. a trade, where each person ships their own item and calls it even). All other shipping details are subject to decision on an item by item basis.

Any questions, feel free to comment here or email me at


The Items

#1- Brass candleholder with hearts- $3


This is pretty small- 3 to 4 inches across, about the same tall. The candle-holding part is small. Fullsize tapers will probably need to be shaved down, but chime candles fit pretty well. The candle holding part has a screw shank attached to the bottom that threads through a hole in the bowl and the stand to hold it all together, which means it can be disassembled easily for wax cleanup. It could feasibly be replaced with another candleholder as long as the screw shank is long enough to catch the bottom’s threads. The metal is shiny with very few scratches or spot-marks. There’s no wax drips that I can find. No tags either, but most of the other brasswork I pick up at the thrift store I got this from tends to be from India. No identifying maker’s marks.

#2- Brass bowl with bail handle and incised hearts- $4


This is medium size, 7-8 inches across and about 5 inches tall with a short foot (which means if you plan on using it for incense it will need an insulator like sand between the bottom of the bowl and the flaming material, unless you like black rings on your altar tops). No maker’s mark and no tags. This is a thrift store find and I’m reasonably certain it was made in India based on previous brasswork from there. It does have spotting, as you can see in the photo, as well as some corrosion in spots. I haven’t scrubbed it (didn’t want to ruin the finish any more than it is already) but I can, if desired, before it’s shipped. I like to think it has character, but I like secondhand things too much anyway.

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