Various Social Media

In case anyone really wants to follow me that closely.

My Twitter (started because of a hacked website, oddly enough)

My deviantArt (mostly ceramic stuff)

My Tumblr (totally Ms. Graveyarddirt’s fault. Totally.)

My email (not my main one, so it might take me a bit to check it) is Shoot me an email if you feel like talking.

9 thoughts on “Various Social Media”

  1. can you make a ceramic of a hedgehog like the one pictured on your blog? what prices do you charge? Also, can you make owl ones?

  2. Prices depend on how big you want them 🙂 The one pictured is palm-sized. I certainly can try an owl; would you prefer one laying down (the back is to your palm) or one standing up (the feet sit on your palm)?

  3. One laying down is fine with me 🙂 What are your rates? Also, I linked you on my site:

    • Generally 2 to 5 dollars for a palm-size, depending on how complicated it is decoration-wise (one like the hedgehog would be 2 to 3 bucks, for example). 6 to 12 inches or so is more expensive, anywhere from 5 to 15 dollars (again, depending on how complex it is). If you want an owl big enough to hide a small child in, that would be a LOT more expensive XD

      If you have any preference for owl species, now would be a good time to start looking at pictures and passing on the ones you like best. Also, you can decide if you want a simple statuette, a jar, a bottle, or something else entirely 🙂

  4. Do you have a portfolio or website I can look at and most of my purchasing is done via paypal on etsy or amazon. I dont mind doing paypal invoices but before I purchase I would need to see pictures before considering a purchase 🙂

    • Above us in the links is one to my deviantArt page, which has some of my small figures on it. I don’t ask for money until a piece is made, at least to the first firing stage. Until that first fire, I can still recycle the clay and try again. Once it is fired, it is an immortal substance and needs paying for, at least partially. So, basically, no money passes hands until you are either satisfied with the piece or decide that my style isn’t for you.

  5. That sounds wonderful~! Today I will look at your deviantart page and let you know…as far as payment goes how do you want to do this? paypal on etsy or invoice?

  6. Yes, sorry 🙂 you can reach me at! You can delete these comments btw, lol.

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