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To all the assholes in my life. To the ones who carped and pinched and told me that I COULD NOT. To the ones that laughed at me for finding God and tried to justify why it COULD NOT BE. To the ones who will never see me as grown. To the ones who never listen beyond what they want to hear. To the ones who called for help but refused to use it.

To every single gaped-open, yawning chasm of fetid fart-laced buttfuckery, this is for you.


Thank you for proving that I am stronger than your crap. Thank you for driving me to prove you wrong. Thank you for making what I used to be so unbearably shitty that I had to change or drown in diarrhea. Thank you for being a vaguely brownyellowgreen tinted example of what I should never be. Thank you for providing the fertilizer for me to grow into a person worth being.

Thank you. Now go wipe.